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First official goal!

I have decided to go with the 10% total weight loss by January 10, 2011. That`s 26lbs in 13 weeks. Baby steps are key, so it breaks down like so:

October 31 – down 4.5lbs (258.5)
November 30 – down 8.2 lbs (250.3)
December 31 – down 9.5 lbs (240.8)
January 10 – down 3lbs (237.8)

If I don`t hit each goal, I will readjust accordingly, but I think this falls in to a safe zone for me, while keeping up all of the work I`ve done to this point. I have to order my dress before December 31, likely around the 20th, so I really need to be able to fit into a proper bra and corseted under garment by then to get the right shape. 242 lbs was the last time I wore the piece I have in mind, so here`s to hard work and getting there on schedule!