Monthly Archives: May 2013

No appetite.


The last two weeks of this pregnancy has been tricky. Nothing is appealing to me, food wise. I found some awesome local gourmet food truck food yesterday and it was the first time I ate until I was full. All I want to eat right now is salad! Normally, this is not a problem, but without protein my morning sickness is high.

The pregnancy is going well so far, heartbeat strong and consistent, HCG increased right there on the average incline. Not much heartburn, morning sickness only comes if I’m not eating enough. The only complaint I really have is the peeing, the constant peeing. Peeing all night long. If that’s my biggest complaint after all of the nonsense we’ve dealt with over the last two years then I’m not going to voice it often.

Keeping fit in the last few weeks has also been tricky. I have a friable cervix, which caused daily bleeding from week 5 through 8, but that’s been gone for a little while now and I’m cleared back to the gym. Cardio only, no weights over 10lbs and swimming is highly recommended.

Training for the marathon of labour now, have to keep myself active or I won’t make it through the delivery.


Home stretch


Our hearing was May 1. The judge reserved her judgement, which basically means it will take a week or so until the judgement is in. It’s 5-10 page report and my lawyer assures me this is normal. He warned me ahead of time this could be the case. It’s a complicated case and no judge wants to make an error, leaving the door open for appeal.

I feel pretty confident about what happened. Part of me feels sad that there isn’t really any change in ex or ex’s behaviour and that one day the girls will understand the ramifications of everything that went on. Part of me is relieved that the court dates are over. All of me is praying that the kids will remain safe in our care.

And also, this… finally:

9 weeks