Monthly Archives: January 2013



two years ago I received an early acceptance letter to my top choice university.

I was getting ready to go back to school

and then my ex filed for custody

we’re rounding the bend in that, end is in sight

i’ve grabbed a few extra credits to pull my average from high school courses up from 89 to the next level

entrance bursaries can go a long way, reapplying later this year to my top 3 again

doing my work in front of the kids has had a magical effect on the amount of groaning I hear when it’s time for them to do their work

it’s nice… but the work is hard at this level, aiming to raise my average means having to ace every assignment

pretty sure this fertility cycle is a bust

back to the drawing board on that front


stupid lines


on 9 DPO I had a line, a faint line on a pregnancy test

days 10, 11… no such luck.

progesterone sucks

i am tired

some interesting court developments leading us in to uncharted territory.

school is an uphill battle


as least the children are wonderful and husband is patient.

This bed is much too soft, this floor is much too hard.


Husband B and I purchased a new, luxurious, king sized bed this summer. It’s made of clouds and tears of angel joy. I’ve never experienced such a lovely night of sleep until purchasing this particular bed.

Except for this one problem.

This bed is much too soft.

It is not exactly conducive to comfortable or productive sexual positions.

We end up spending half of the time laughing and switching places because this dang mattress conforms to our bodies and makes vigorous movement damn near impossible.

Ugh. First world, baby making problems.

$4000 mattress and we’re doing it on the floor.