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2 in 6


B’s cousin died.


2 deaths, too soon, 6 weeks.



slowly readding


I’m going through the old posts, republishing from private status. I have to reread a lot of what I’ve written.


I am not stating anything in them that isn’t true, there’s a just a strange feeling when you know the person who almost destroyed you can read your private thoughts. The person who spreads lies about you destroying *their* life…

Can’t explain it right now

Here’s a clue


People who are innocent of charges against them

do not plead guilty
Paul/Fallon plead guilty and was sentenced accordingly

If there was a doubt of guilt on the part of the judge, the judge would have refused the plea


You can say it 6 ways to Sunday that your arrest and conviction were unjust

but the reality is you are full of it
How the people in your life can allow you to hide behind a new mask

and believe the lies you spew about the old you


I just need a clue to how you can live with yourself, your lies and your ignorance.