I’m so sorry


Monday night I learned that my ex is sick of “taking all of the blame” for this situation.

Apparently, Fallon and new wife Rebecca want me to take on responsibility and blame in the sexual assaults that left me with no option but to leave my first marriage.  According to them, I did something to warrant the attacks. I’m not sure if it was my refusal to give in to the constant harassment to go participate in couples swinging, threesomes and a variety of other activities that I didn’t agree to or with. Maybe it was for not agreeing that is would be right my first husband sleep with whomever he chose? Apparently, these are justifiable situations where I should apologize for driving Fallon to rape.

I’m sorry Fallon. I’m sorry you are such a deluded, deviant rapist. I am truly sorry that you are an angry, violent human being.

I’m sorry I didn’t see who you really were sooner.

I’m sorry my children may have to deal with your crimes as they age.

I’m sorry you haven’t truly changed.

The fact that you’re not sorry… well, that’s makes me feel sorry for you most of all.


From the lawyer representing the children, based on a laundry list of reasons, there was a recommendation of status quo. No changes to be made. Needless to say, my ex is unhappy with this recommendation.


This is the last I can publically post about this for the duration of the settlement conference and trial.


If I know you, your blog, etc. Please leave a message here for the password for my protected posts.


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  1. I’m sorry you’re going through all this Heather. I hope justice is served and your children and you can move on and live a happy and safe life. I would love to read the rest of the posts if you don’t mind giving me the password
    My thoughts are with you

  2. I just found you via your comment on The Blogess’s website, and I’m going through something similar. Brownies and wine for us! Hope you get through it soon, and your kids weather the storm. I hope the same for me.

    • Thanks. I’m looking forward to blogging again when this is all said and done. Right now I’m just keeping the posts private, I’ll unlock them all again once the court is settled.

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