I see what you did there


I love how you tell people you were unjustly jailed. I love how you use your jail term as unfortunate side effect of a violent act that helped put you under a microscope to really examine who you are. I love that you still lie to people.

Never mind that you admitted in writing to your actions

Ignore the fact that you pleaded guilty in court

Ignore the fact that you did, in fact, rape me. Next to your sleeping infant daughter. When I was carrying your second daughter. When I told you I was leaving. When I told you no.

When you damn well felt like it, actually.

You know what? Forget that. No sugar coating, Fallon. You are a registered sex offender, a rapist and a liar and you continue to hide your real self.

Unlike you, I don’t have to carry this shame anymore. A lot of truth is going to start pouring out.


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