Grief and sins


I am in a difficult state.

A dear, sweet friend of mine will be burying her baby sister this week. A sudden loss.

A 16 year old girl, not even old enough to have experienced the wonder of the world without the oppression of sadness and depression.

I am finding myself struggling with the news of this child, the turn this took for my friend and her family. I am trying hard this morning to not cry in front of the children. It makes no sense, I hardly knew her. My friend, her loss, her family.

It all rings familiar. When my friend was a teen and her sister was a small child, they were separated because one parent wasn’t allowed contact with the little girl. The children in the small family split up by the burden of ‘half-sibling’ issues. The reunited after years apart. My friend and her brother in her late twenties, her sister in her early teens. They had only a few short years to reconnect before losing her to this.

When I’m asked why I think it’s important for my ex to put his crap aside and let the girls see their brother without him… this will be the moment that shapes my answer now. Just because the parent is a danger, does not mean the children shouldn’t have the opportunity to be in each others lives.

Children should not have to suffer the sins of their father.


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