feeling very accomplished today, cleaned out the basement

sorted out girls clothing that was too small, stuff too big to consider keeping for future babies, passed those on to friend with kids who will get use out of the big bags of stuff

sorted bins and bins and bins of craft stuff in to ‘reasonable use’ and ‘will never use, ever’ bins, hauling three big boxes to our local girl guide troop

left with quite a few empty rubbermaid bins, did I mention I live in perpetual basement flood fear? Almost never use cardboard anymore. It’s never happened, but a few of our friends and neighbours have fallen victim so I’m taking precautions with photos, scrapbooking supplies, expensive yarns


tomorrow is our appt to get all of the results at the clinic.

well, almost all.

labs mixed up labels and I have two negative HIV tests and no syphilis test – that has to be redone. I know I don’t have it, so I’m not concerned It’s clinic policy to get negative on all STI tests before any course of treatment

tomorrow we get our plan in place, decide what is what, figure out what comes next

still haven’t replaced the battery for the scale, will have to add that to my to do list this week

nothing exciting

I like it like that.


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