trial and error, hit or miss, fighting fire with napalm


So, here we are.

The month we start trying again.


Two days in and I’m on  a diet of low fat/sugar and a lot of fun other things.  Two days in a row I have managed to choke back a glass of grapefruit juice. I have taken my B complex, folic acid and I purchased pineapple juice to drink post ovulation. I love pineapple, so this will be replaced by eating a lot of the stuff post O, but since I cannot predict when that will be I am pulling out all the stops.

The question remains, how much of it is legit science and how much of it is voodoo. I don’t care much right now, B vitamins are water soluble and I’m not taking a crazy amount.  Folic acid is recommended anyway, grapefruit is a small amount and it, as well as pineapple are not contraindicated for conception.

Checking cervical mucus, peeing on ovulation predictor sticks, it’s all super fun. I mean that sarcastically of course, but at this point I’m willing to do the work if I’m going to reap the rewards of any and all snake oil until we are pregnant.

The battery on my BT thermometre is dying, so I’m not relying on it until I get a new battery tomorrow.


I got a call from the clinic today. My lab results are all in, to be discussed on Tuesday at our appointment. Two immediate problems are the lack of B’s bloodwork – STI panel – that we spaced on getting done. So focused on sperm analysis that we missed this one. Also, the labs mislabled one of my samples so I have to clear HIV/AIDS tests, but nothing clearing me for syphilis! I know B is STI free and I know I don’t have syphilis, so at this point it falls under the heading of ‘technicality.’ We can get everything set on Tuesday, they just can’t clear us for IUI until those come back. No big deal for now.

I’m tracking everything on fertilityfriend, so hopefully that will keep me on track.


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