Sad couples


We’ve been working with a fertility clinic and are approaching the end of all of the testing. We get a lot of answers in the next 10 days, and we start trying again after a 7 months break from working on baby. Sounds crazy but we have to go out of the country for a few days in the fall and I won’t travel past viability dates, Canadian/US health agreements are a little scary and I don’t want to be in a hospital there if something were to happen on the road.

We’ve had 4 appointments so far and we have 4 in the next two weeks. Every time we go in, I can’t help but notice the sad couples. Not sad as in emotional, sad as in disconnected. I see them sitting next to each other and they look like they are a world apart. Both holding cells, texting, check emails, surfing. Either way, not paying any attention to each other. When we sit there, we talk, we joke. We’re in this together. I have to wonder how long those other couples have been coming to the clinic. I have to wonder if all of the waiting and hoping and problems have brought them to a point where they don’t even really look like a couple any longer.

This is an adventure, even if it has bumps. Adventures are not meant to be dealt with alone. This stuff is hard, there are heartbreaks and there are problems that medicine cannot fix. I understand that. Wouldn’t heartbreak be a little easier if you included your spouse in your thoughts?


I hope we never look like a sad couple in that waiting room.


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