She definitely has a point there.


Most of our Family Day long weekend was spent at home.

2/3 of it was, anyway.

Monday, Miss H complained of stomach pain… stomach pain that got worse. It started at her belly button and shifted right.

I’m sure you can figure out where the other 1/3 of our long weekend was spent.

12 hours in the ER, a urine test, a blood test, a low grade fever and a very tired mom later we were let go. Told to come back in the morning because they were pretty sure it was an inflamed appendix and we’d need an ultrasound to confirm. No infection present “yet”.

Ultrasound Tuesday morning.

Big shocker here, as is apparently common, they couldn’t get a visual on the appendix. We now were presented with three options

  1. wait and see. keep an eye on fever and pain, come back immediately if either showed up and we’d go straight to surgery
  2. CT scan. lots of radiation, maybe unnecessary if pain went away or got worse
  3. surgery, get in there and dig around

We’re at home. Waiting and seeing, on doc’s advice she is to follow up with GP next week if pain persists but does not worsen.

The point of the story. Miss H went 13 hours on Sunday with no food, had a cup of soup at 10 pm, got up in the morning for the ultrasound and had nothing more to eat until 2 pm Tuesday. 13 hours on Monday, 15 on Tuesday.

We came home to find Miss D at death’s door. In her words, not mine. She was starving to death. To be clear she had a healthy breakfast, snack, lunch and a less than healthy snack before 2.

Miss H looked at her and said “I just went 2 whole days without eating. I’m alive. You’ll survive.”

I don’t encourage the kids to parent each other, but she has a point there.

I think I might have been more crabby about not being able to eat for that length of time than she was. I didn’t think it was fair to eat in front of the 9 year old who couldn’t (on doc orders), so I didn’t.

I didn’t die. I survived.

I’m not saying you should make a practice of skipping meals, you shouldn’t, it’s not healthy weight management. Learn to follow your body and the cues it gives you. Are you really hungry? Are you really starving? Are you maybe bored or thirsty? I know I was both of those things when I was whining internally around hour 10.

Stop giving in! Fight the false hunger!  You’ll survive too. Probably longer than if you had given in to temptation and boredom.


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