laptop unluck


the laptop was making a death whine

and then

it died

shopping new laptops right now, this one was still under warranty but isn’t sold anymore

tablet is okay, but not for posting to blog or writing an email without a lot of swearing

looking into the exciting world of minivans now

even without baby on board, work and play fill our sedan up quickly and it’s time to find something larger

we’ve had the sedan for 4 years now, not sure if we’ll keep it

it means a lot to B, it was left to him by his grandfather

taking it to get a full work up, see how much longer it has

only a 2006, but still… things start to slip and we’d use it as trade in if it looked like it was about to turn all ‘money pit’ on us

MRI is fast approaching for my knee, it feels a lot better

I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary anymore, but better safe than sorry

until next time, adios



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