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we’re home

tired, sore but in good spirits, missH is doing weel we have a follow up in a week

finally replaced battery on the scale, eek. 14 lbs up since wedding.

no excuses, this is unacceptable, hard core calorestriction mode starts today, back to gym after i see dr next week to get mri results.


i am totally the person that neds the dailky gym trip to stay accountable. diet andexercise are a package deal for me





I’m currently in hospital with Miss H.

She’s had stomach pain for over a week, despite being taken to ER on Monday and Tuesday, she wasn’t dxd with appendicitis (officially) until early yesterday.

Taken for surgery right away, her appendix ruptured as it was being removed. We got lucky.

She’s recovering, sore, tired and disappointed by the limited jello supply here (oh, first world problems… you so silly) because of her red dye allergy she is left with only lemon.

I’m heading back to her room now, but please send good thoughts.

She definitely has a point there.


Most of our Family Day long weekend was spent at home.

2/3 of it was, anyway.

Monday, Miss H complained of stomach pain… stomach pain that got worse. It started at her belly button and shifted right.

I’m sure you can figure out where the other 1/3 of our long weekend was spent.

12 hours in the ER, a urine test, a blood test, a low grade fever and a very tired mom later we were let go. Told to come back in the morning because they were pretty sure it was an inflamed appendix and we’d need an ultrasound to confirm. No infection present “yet”.

Ultrasound Tuesday morning.

Big shocker here, as is apparently common, they couldn’t get a visual on the appendix. We now were presented with three options

  1. wait and see. keep an eye on fever and pain, come back immediately if either showed up and we’d go straight to surgery
  2. CT scan. lots of radiation, maybe unnecessary if pain went away or got worse
  3. surgery, get in there and dig around

We’re at home. Waiting and seeing, on doc’s advice she is to follow up with GP next week if pain persists but does not worsen.

The point of the story. Miss H went 13 hours on Sunday with no food, had a cup of soup at 10 pm, got up in the morning for the ultrasound and had nothing more to eat until 2 pm Tuesday. 13 hours on Monday, 15 on Tuesday.

We came home to find Miss D at death’s door. In her words, not mine. She was starving to death. To be clear she had a healthy breakfast, snack, lunch and a less than healthy snack before 2.

Miss H looked at her and said “I just went 2 whole days without eating. I’m alive. You’ll survive.”

I don’t encourage the kids to parent each other, but she has a point there.

I think I might have been more crabby about not being able to eat for that length of time than she was. I didn’t think it was fair to eat in front of the 9 year old who couldn’t (on doc orders), so I didn’t.

I didn’t die. I survived.

I’m not saying you should make a practice of skipping meals, you shouldn’t, it’s not healthy weight management. Learn to follow your body and the cues it gives you. Are you really hungry? Are you really starving? Are you maybe bored or thirsty? I know I was both of those things when I was whining internally around hour 10.

Stop giving in! Fight the false hunger!  You’ll survive too. Probably longer than if you had given in to temptation and boredom.

It only hurts you


What a line of crap.

It doesn’t just hurt you when you overeat to the point of morbid obesity. It hurts the spouse you leave behind, the children you leave without a parent and the friends left to help them all pick up the pieces.

I know I’ve gained since the wedding, I’m going to guess somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10-15 lbs judging by the pants I’m wearing comfortably. I could be wrong, but I’m certain I’m not.

Scale battery is dead, bought another battery but purchased the wrong size. Waste of a $12.00 battery!

Will buy another tomorrow.

Back on the scale, I need the reminder daily to keep focused.

Death doesn’t wait for love to finish tying up the loose ends


Our friend died Thursday

I already told you that.

He was dear to us. He and his wife are the glue that hold much of our community together. In the 7 years since we’d met, we’ve come to love them both like grandparents. I’ve watched them hold hands, weed the yard, sit dutifully outside for every community yardsale. The first to offer help in a household emergency, the last to leave community events when there was clean up involved. The first to offer prayers and a shoulder during Bill’s relapse with MS a few years ago. We toted the girls over there before every ballet recital so that D and wife could see the girls all dressed up. They missed our wedding because another couple they knew was renewing wedding vows. They told me that they wanted to be there, but other couple didn’t have any family left and only a few friends (other couple has some pretty profound disabilities and limited social outlets) and that they needed their physical presence more than we did. D and wife are very practical like that. We understood completely.

A few weeks ago we saw the fire trucks pull up to D and wife’s home. This wasn’t unusual, but it was odd not to see it followed by an ambulance. D has had cancer for some time, ambulance trips were common.

No ambulance came. Bill and I were both worried about what that could mean.

Anyway, after a few minutes I popped over to ask wife if she needed me to take her to the hospital to follow the ambulance. I was dreading what she’d say right up until she answered the door, laughing the whole way.

D wasn’t ill, D’s wheelchair was stuck on the chair lift that went down to their basement. I didn’t ask what the heck he was doing going to the basement at all, I just smiled and said “whew, so glad he’s up and around today” and went back home. It was late.

Turns out that D went to the basement that day because the love of his life, wife, had worried that once he’d passed she’d need to move (she doesn’t) and she would have a heck of a time going through all of his tools and basement stuff. He didn’t want to leave the task to wife. He wanted to make sure he took care of her before he was gone.

So, he went to clean the basement.

48 years of the ravages of MS. A few months of radiation. Surgeries to put in feeding tubes so he could still get his nutrients once the tumor pressed on his esophagus, making eating impossible. Wheelchair bound, trouble taking a simple breath, cancer, MS, complications with diabetes.

He didn’t want to leave anything unfinished.

He died quietly. Quickly. Just before 10 am.

Sitting in his chair, having coffee with his wife, his son.

Just like that. It was a lull in the conversation, on offer for a refill of hot coffee and son said “I think Dad is gone.”

And, he was.

our friend


died yesterday morning


there is a lot of saddness here today

we are all reminded of our own mortality

B and I are reminded of how MS can just fuck you over without warning or by screwing you over during treatmentsfor other issues


fuck MS and fuck cancer

there’s also a lot of grief-anger-stress right now



laptop unluck


the laptop was making a death whine

and then

it died

shopping new laptops right now, this one was still under warranty but isn’t sold anymore

tablet is okay, but not for posting to blog or writing an email without a lot of swearing

looking into the exciting world of minivans now

even without baby on board, work and play fill our sedan up quickly and it’s time to find something larger

we’ve had the sedan for 4 years now, not sure if we’ll keep it

it means a lot to B, it was left to him by his grandfather

taking it to get a full work up, see how much longer it has

only a 2006, but still… things start to slip and we’d use it as trade in if it looked like it was about to turn all ‘money pit’ on us

MRI is fast approaching for my knee, it feels a lot better

I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary anymore, but better safe than sorry

until next time, adios