no news.. is news


still no news on the baby front, but then again i’m still in the big wait

sono is booked for next thursday

so is B’s testing

looking more and more like i’ll be really throwing myself into exercise and diet for the next 5 months

i’m okay with that, honestly, i did not really expect to get pregnant this cycle

with the madness of holidays, new years, B’s birthday we only really had two nights where conception was even a possibility

plus court dates, lawyer meetings

on the legal front, nothing has changed in the year since this all started

i still have sole custody (as i have had for 7 years)

he still have no access

i still have a heavy duty restraining order (which, i should point out, he violates but not in a ‘show up in your hedges/peek in your windows/knock on your door/call your house’ way… hard to explain)


it’s a weird time

weird, weird time



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