The things no one tells you about diet and exercise and getting pregnant


First, diet is key to staying healthy and fit.

We all know that, though most of us take advantage of that in our ‘younger’ days

Did you know it’s not just important for getting pregnant (especially in your 30s!) it can be the difference between getting pregnant and being infertile?

Seriously, be deficient in something like B and you’re body starts slowing down it’s progesterone factory. Same for Zinc.

Progesterone is critical during the weeks following conception, everyone focuses on the folic acid for the fetus, people forget that progesterone is critical for the uterus, the uterine lining and for keeping that little bundle of cells alive before it starts growing a spine (pun intended)

Exercise, also key player in the progesterone game.

Sure, people get pregnant without either of these things in their lives, but more often than not those pregnancies end in loss.

On a personal note, we still have no idea what’s going on here. We have looked at all of my fertility charts and something hit us last week. I’m not ovulating until somewhere around day 18-20. This is a short luteal  phase and likely wouldn’t be able to result in pregnancy despite all of our efforts.

This is not a difficult problem to fix

So, on top of the diet and exercise between now and June, I will also be seeing Dr. W more frequently to do a lot of acupuncture and other treatments to help regulate that cycle back out.

We have a sono-hystogram booked for next week, along with some other tests for both of us.

Court again next Friday, not looking forward to it. I get a little anxious the days before court, not much I can do about that. So far we’ve had exactly no changes in any of this despite our frequent visits to the judge(s).


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