come and go, came and went


Court date came and went with so much as a change

a waste of time actually

you see, when you present a motion to the court, you have to have this crazy thing called evidence

I suspect the next date will come and go with similar results


Bought an over the counter ovulation predictor. First Response to be specific

turns out my temp timing and charting has been right all along

this is our last cycle to try at home before May, I’ll know by next week if we’ll have a 2012 baby, though I have my doubts at this point

talked to the fertility clinic today

appointments coming out the yin yang over the next 2 weeks, super fun

gym is going to consist of a lot of low impact everything – that sucks

knee feels better but waiting on MRI in 6 weeks, surgery possible for May

surgical date pushes back pregnancy try another month or two beyond the date we expected to start trying

and of course, God only knows when the court nonsense will conclude.




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