The post where I talk too much about our pregnancy efforts


You have been warned

Click below the cut for TMI

So, we’re trying the every other day method of sex.

So far this has been a completely useless endeavor, obviously, or I’d be pregnant

There are things that go on in the penis of a man with MS that can make it tough to get pregnant, things than will likely be overcome by IUI

For example, there is a muscle in the whole male ejaculatory system that basically prevents men from ejaculating into their own bladder. This is called retrograde ejaculation.

Sometimes it’s a problem, sometimes it’s not.

So sometimes we’re just out of luck and there’s not a lot that can be done.

On the plus side, we’re down the some pretty hard core taoist deliberate retrograde ejaculation practices without even trying! Wooo!

The other thing we’ve tried is a lubricant called Pre-seed that’s meant to mimic proper cervical mucous and give any sperm that does make it into my cervix a good and fighting chance. I’ve only tried it twice but I’ve already learned myself a valuable lesson.

You CAN use way too much Pre-seed.

Too much is anything over 1.5g

The package recommended 3g

I leaked. All. Night. Long.

It was gross and it was not a problem I had when I only used 1g the other night.

So, here we are at our last month of trying before taking a few months off. We’re both a little frustrated right now, it’s come up over the past 2 weeks that just about every person involved in our wedding is now pregnant (with the exception of that two that have husbands with a vasectomy and babies under 18 months old)… not something we would begrudge anyone but it’s a little discouraging that they’ve all managed to accomplish this little miracle on their first try. Ugh.

So we try this month and if we don’t get pregnant we start the onslaught of tests. The sonohistogram, ultrasounds, blood tests, semen analysis, etc etc etc.

Along with this, my entire diet will go hard core. Working with Dr. W again at the end of the month, the drive to and from Toronto is a little daunting in January so I’ll likely take the train in for a day. We have some program ideas in mind, but with a lot of my standard work outs off the table I need to focus on what I *can* do.

Wish us luck, friends. And if you believe in prayer, please say one for us.




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