A blip


2 months ago I started having some trouble with my left knee

I saw an on call doc who said the tiny little cyst on the back of my leg was to blame.

Doc also said it looked like I had some bursitis as a reaction to the cyst issue

Took doc’s word, took it a little easier but the pain was still pretty bad

Friday I saw my own gp

I do not have bursitis and the cyst is not a cyst, it’s a mole

It took one little pressure point on the inside of my knee to figure out what was actually going on

So, I’m off strenuous exercise, on to physio

waiting for an MRI to confirm what my doc thinks is a cartilage tear, likely meniscus

keeping my knee rested, iced, elevated and wrapped up tight

hating every minute of it, i don’t do ‘rest’ very well

looks like 2012 will be a year of medical testing

sono-histogram in late january, blood work, mri, hopefully a dating ultrasound at some point



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  1. Annoying when doctors can’t diagnose correctly. I went through hoops and a dozen doctors about my ankle and all they could tell me was about the dozens of diseases that I DON’T have. Hope you get it figured out and you don’t have to “rest” too long.

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