A new year


Here is everything… in a nutshell


still looking at new blog names

still working towards end goal of 145 lbs

still considering babies (as in, should we have another)

still fighting with the ex in court for the safety and security of my daughters

still homeschooling

still battling the evil forces of MS

still working hard


I’m frustrated right now. My scale has died, I need new batteries, but I’m certain I’ve regained some weight. My one pair of pants is a little uncomfortable, so I’m judging at least a 3-4 lb gain.

I’m tired. A lot. I’m not sure why, other than vitamin deficiencies, I can’t think of any other reason that fits. Seasonal change? Maybe. Stress from the ex? Possible.

Getting ready for Christmas, more specifically, shopping for Christmas. Planning something extra special for B (who is no longer fiance B, he is now husband B). Kids are getting a new desktop computer to share. It will live in the main floor area of our home. I’m still nervous about internet security and children surfing without supervision. This was only further fueled by a youtube video I watched earlier this week, involving a child I know.


And Miss H is being referred to a pediatric specialist. She has autism.I kind of already suspected this, but I hoped it was behaviour related to her lack of sleep and apnea.

So, we’ve been busy.



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  1. Hey Heather….I’m glad to see you blogging again. My 8yo has autism…if you ever wanna chat or help with some resources that I know about…you know how to get ahold of me!

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