So many overweight kids at Disney


Now, this brings me to something I saw at Disney that really, really disturbed me. I cannot count how many times B and I saw overweight children in strollers. Seriously. There were many comments between the two of us that basically amounted to wanting to walk up to a parent and say “Sir/Ma’am, your overweight 8 year old in the stroller… well, s/he is probably overweight because they’re 8, and in a stroller.”

We were both thoroughly disgusted by this practice, and while we both know there are kids out there with health issues that cause weight gain, we are certain that these were not these children. They were everywhere. We saw kids too old and too big to be in toddler strollers every few minutes. Both of our children walked everywhere. The only time either of the children weren’t walking was when Miss H took a nasty spill at the Polynesian resort and really banged up her knee and a few nights when we were at 9 pm in a packed park watching fireworks. Only on those occasions did B put Miss D on this scooter with him because she was tired and we wanted to keep her close to one of us while trying to mill through a huge crowd of people.

They have feet on the bottom of their legs for a reason folks, you should let them use them! If kids go to Disney and they are already overweight, the walking is going to be hard on them. Some overweight children have problems with their feet, ankle and standing in general. There is a proactive solution to this. Stop feeding them crap, start walking more with them and get them involved in some type of physical activity. It’s not hard to do if you start at a young age. Miss D *hates* sports, really doesn’t like gym class, doesn’t like to run around on a field. Solution, dance class and riding lessons plus walking every night with B or I. It keeps her active and healthy and it doesn’t feel like a sport to her.

It’s not hard if you start early. Stop setting your child up to fail. Get them out of the stroller and outside to play. It’s just that simple. Love your children enough to raise them to be healthy adults.


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