Everything is cooked in fat (or… what we ate at Disney World)



It’s no great secret that a lot of restaurant and theme park food is bad for you. Spending almost 2 weeks living at Disney (as we did for our honeymoon, we had the basic meal plan) has basically ensured that we both now hate take away food.

Finding food at disney that isn’t deep fried or veggies that are not cooked in some sort of meat was tough, in fact, most of the time I either ended up just eating the same stuff everyone else was eating or I was at the hotel googling the nearest vegetarian restaurant (and there aren’t many near Disney.)

Most of the time I was able to load up at salad bars but I quickly realized that walking an average of 12 miles a day is damn near impossible on salad and the small amount of low fat protein they offer there. By day 3 I had given up almost entirely and just ordered whatever I could that wasn’t deep dried (except at hoopdeedoo musical review, it’s ALL deep fried there.)

Despite the fact that I sought out as much of the healthy stuff as I could, I consumed a lot of high fat, high calorie foods while I was on vacation. By the time we hit Savannah, GA on our way home I was so sick of the food we were consuming that I spent a lot of time on Happy Cow trying to plot out better choices along the route.

But here’s the thing… it just doesn’t happen like that. Trying to eat well in a car, trying to eat well at a resort like Disney, excluding the fruit, veggies and water we bought along the way as snacks, is hard. It’s even harder when you’re on a time schedule. I will have a better plan of attack on future trips.

While I ate poorly for the standard days at home, I ate well for Disney. If you’re sick of the fried crap, you can ask any of the Disney staff for the vegan option. If you’re trying to lose weight at Disney, best of luck. I was shocked when I came home to my scale and found that I hadn’t gained weight.

When the options, normally at lunch, were limited to what amounts to take out food we often opted for buying the kids (yes, the kids were with us but so were our in laws and we did get our own time to be out and about along) one adult sized meal and splitting it between them. The children portions are huge and almost never included veggies or fruit, so this was a good compromise for them. There were much healthier options for adults and the kids had more than enough food to eat splitting one portion. I would have done the same for B and I, but he needs to eat an average of 3500cal per day to maintain his 152lbs. On most days he ended up finishing what I didn’t eat from my meal.

After all of that, I am so glad to be back to our regularly schedule dining program!


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  1. I think all theme parks are the same. We have been spending a lot of time at Dollywood, our local theme park. The food is ALL bad choices. We try to just eat smaller portions and share meals.

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