It was a wedding day miracle.


During the past few weeks, my sister has repeatedly said one thing.

“Stop worrying if the dress will fit, you always drop ridiculous amount of weight when you are super stressed”

I wasn’t super stressed though, I was busy, focused, but rarely stressed.

Friday I got on to the scale after more than a week of avoiding it. 9 or 10 days without checking my weight and I was super worried.

I got on my scale, looked at the number and said “Fuck. My scale is broken” and so I tucked it away and went about my day hoping I hadn’t gained any weight that week.

My dress fit like a beautiful glove (less the slightly loose tuck of armpit skin that I hate) and the evening was magical.

Sunday morning I pulled out my scale and stepped on it once more. Thinking that maybe Friday had been a blip, maybe now it would give me the right weight.

So I stepped on. And I got a weight that was 1lb less than Friday.

I went to a friend’s and tried her scale too. I knew now that my scale wasn’t broken.

By some miracle of wedding magic.

I lost 12 lbs in 10 days.


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  1. I found your blog on CM’s FAB, and I’ve been reading it. I never knew you Heather. I have to say that I’m really touched, and I hope you are healing from the hell you endured, and that you are happy. Brightest Blessings to you, dear lady, that you are content in this marriage.

    Liz Kirwan.

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