we ran through our dress rehearsal

it went… as planned

maid of honour and I lost our nonsense at the alter, broke out laughing, pweph, that better not happen tomorrow.

no one should say the words ‘balls’ ‘coming’ or insert while we’re being serious.

we are 13 year old boys trapped in the bodies of grown women.

hugged my dad

we don’t hug a lot in our family, so it’s always awkward and weird… i’m not sure why

i never hesitate to hug my children, but adults, especially of the related variety, throw me off base a little with a hug

i suppose i should get over that tomorrow (which is now, I might add, today), there will be lots of hugs to go around i’m sure

my dad and I are dancing tomorrow.

i’m not one for slow dances. we’re dancing to paul simon

‘you can call me al’

no, i’m not kidding

anyway, lights are strung

dresses are pressed

shoes and lined up waiting

wine is chilling

vendors are paid



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