the first cut is the deepest


This might be too much information for you. Considered yourself warned.

I called my GP yesterday to schedule an appointment to talk about the loose skin issue.

I am no where near my end goal of 145lbs, only about halfway there from my start at 298lbs.

I know that the referral takes about another year and I need to put myself on a solid time time. The loose stomach skin is causing problems. I always thought I wouldn’t be terribly concerned with the appearance of it (which I’m not really) but I’m finding that I can’t lay on my stomach without pain. I now have the beginnings of empty, flappy bib skin on my hips. There still is a lot of fat in the pouch below my belly button, fat that has to go before I can be considered for any type of plastic procedure. It now hangs enough that I have to religiously baby power my skin each day and even then, I’m quite uncomfortable each day. I’m at the point where I wear a support garment to avoid serious discomfort a lot of the time.

In Ontario, I will meet the criteria to have surgery covered by health insurance. I feel a little guilt about this. I don’t think the tax payers should be responsible for the remains of my poor eating choices, at the same time I can hardly justify seeing a private plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck to do the same job that a general surgeon can do in a hospital.

Either way, my first appointment with my GP is set for November.


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