Can’t sleep, clown will eat me


I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping in this week. These past few weeks actually. It’s not that I’m nervous, it’s just that I wake up around 6:00 and that natural urge to go back to sleep for a little longer has been replaced by the ‘Everyday To Do List (trademark pending)’

To do today is (because I’m not smart enough to keep my mouth shut and not offer to help people) heading to my folks place for renovation junk. My parents are wallpapering their kitchen ceiling. Meaning to get to it for a months now, but my dad works a lot and lasting impact of injuries from my mom’s serious car accident prevents it from getting done without help and, frankly, the impending sense of house urgency that comes with out of town guests.

The joke among my family is that we should invite family from out of town every few months… the constant reno projects would have forced finish dates applied to them. I live in a family of procrastinators. The fact that I have very little left on my to do list right now is a bloody miracle.

The wedding cakes are all done, baked and sitting in a freezer, waiting for Moh Mel, soon to be SiL Julie and I to ice them on Friday morning. The favours are largely completed. The chocolate sauce, lemon curd and raspberry coulis will all be made this Wednesday, the containers for them are washed, dried and waiting for cold storage.

The dress is in the hands of Mel, the girls clothes are packed up, pressed and waiting with shoes and jewelry.

My livingroom floorspace is stacked with rubbermaid bins full of lights and decor. Final cheques are waiting for the best man to handle. Delivery of all decor after the fact has been confirmed and a very lucky theatre troop in the area is about to get more crinoline than they can handle.

All of this though, and I can’t sleep.  I’m looking forward to the morning after, the rest of our lives, the trip… and some rest.


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