If you are actually attending my wedding… do not click more


because i tried to wait as long as i could to show off the difference between the dress when i ordered it in January.. and my fitting last week

so, here we go

i mean it, if you’re attending in 12 days, do not click! Otherwise you WILL SEE ME IN MY DRESS!

the dress i tried on, same size ordered, different colour

the dress last Thursday

It fits perfectly, zips up without strain, does not requite a longer than normal cord for the corset back and needs no mod to the modesty panel in back. It was let out a 3/4 inch in the hips, but given that I ordered it 3 sizes too small… well I’m not going to fret about that.


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  1. Whoot!! Happy Dance Time! Happy Dance Time! I am just absolutely tickled pink for you and that DRESS!!! Great work, Heather, just smashingly fabulous work to get to that dress.

  2. Beautiful! Wow, wow, wow!!! Ahhh, congrats. Enjoy the wedding and best wishes with a happy future and wonderful marriage!

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