13 sleeps


13 sleeps.

13 days to cross off the rest of my to do

to pay out an obscene amount of money to the balance of our vendors

to drop just a few more lbs for good measure (the dress, it fits!)

to make 60 layers of 8in round cake (without indulging in 60 nibbles of cake)

to make 140 cakes pops

to fill a candy table

to love my fiance

to run through my make up trial

to meet once more with our dj, our celebrant, our caterer

to relish in the fact that 99% of our to do list has been completed well ahead of schedule

to pack for our honeymoon

to worry about the fact that our passports are not yet here

to get some sleep

to get our rear tired switched out for new

to field calls from guests for last minute information

to find my lost cell phone


I will post some pictures this week if FAB is fab enough to let me borrow her computer, B’s mac doesn’t have a card reader on it and I can’t find my external reader anywhere. I might have to break down and buy a new one before leaving on honeymoon.


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