in love with, and simaultaneously sick of rudabaga


I’m working hard, the goal isn’t just the dress… it’s the rest of my life

however, that being said

i am so tired of eating so much raw veg and non-animal protein

the day after the wedding I’m having a big mac dipped in latte. With extra whipped cream. And butter. Also, poutine.

With a pepsi.

That is all.

(A side note… did you know that mashed rudabaga has 1/3 the calories and far less sugar than a mashed potato? tastes just as good.  Just saying!)


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  1. Never trued the subusitute for mashed potatoes, just might have too. I haven’t stopped by for a bit, only 20 some odd days left, WOW!!! Time sure is flying by. I’m excited for you and also to see all kind of photo’s.
    Take care and keep up the great work, you are looking so beautiful (how do I know? I just do!!! Have a blessed and awesome week.

  2. You are doing great! Live your attitude! This is for life and your life after the wedding. Yea, indulge a bit, but be careful.

  3. Never thought about subbing a rutabaga for mashed potatoes. I gave up potatoes long ago, but I’m definitely going to try the rutabagas- I love them! You had me laughing about the big mac!

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