bloat and 2lbs thought to be caused by too little water and too much wine on weekend already gone and they took another 1.5lbs with them.  whew

making bouquet today, mom should be here around noon for lunch and assembly, looking forward to the finished project

went up to bed late last night, woke up early, went to bathroom to find out darling girls had cleaned the upstairs washroom to a sparking shine as a surprise.  note to self, love girls a little more today than normal

kitchen cupboards need sorting, lot of cleaning to keep me busy until wedding

23 sleeps! eek!  feels like there is so much to do, but also feels like there isn’t enough work to go around to all helping!

good feeling to have wonderful friends volunteering to assist in wedding DIY projects

meeting with caterer this morning, hair test next week, final fitting and photos. sounds like i better prep for meals to go so we don’t end up with fast food

cottage mattress was a dream come true, have to find out name of cover on it, made it feel like i was sleeping on mattress with consistency similar to cheesecake. lovely, miss it

off to shower now before appointment



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