1 month


4 days up north, finish the seating charts

get away with the MoH and my kids

B has a to list here at the house

1 month until the wedding

practically bleeding out money now, final payments all coming due, never signed quite so many cheques in my life before now

tried dress on yesterday, had ordered 3 sizes to small… end result yesterday was needing it let out almost a full size. could have done so much better, worked harder. can’t beat myself up now

a month to go to lose another 10 lbs (or more!) will only make dress fit and look better even after being let out. hard work ahead

up to early, 7 year old got into our bed last night, B slept on couch, i finally gave up sleeping at 5:40 after repeated kicks to face and body from tiny person… couldn’t get back to sleep

did i mention i’m looking forward to 4 days away?  taking kid with us but still, no chance of sharing beds up there with child that fights forces of evil in sleep… much prefer to have 9 year old bunking, kid sleeps (and moves) like a fallen tree (except for the apnea snoring, but I can deal with snoring)

tired, wishing I could go back to sleep, going to gym instead


hope you’re all still asleep!


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