ugh, migraine


woke up nice and early to get some extra cardio in this morning and found myself on the receiving end of a splitting migraine!

hoping it passes soon, took to advil to help and drinking lots of water right now

dress fitting is in a week, worried a little that it won’t fit properly

bottled all of our wedding wine, figured out our guest book, cake plates are ready, lights are almost all gathered now, honeymoon will be paid by next week, caterer meeting next week

future sister in law is picking up the supplies for the wedding programs and will be taking them home Sunday after my 2nd and final bridal shower

seating charts and finishing my vows is the order of business when we take off next weekend. MoH Mel and I that is… B is hanging home to get some work done in advance of our date.  Leaving behind the magazine is stressful for him, even if it is only for 3 weeks.

The kids are getting excited, who can blame them. Hair trial is booked for two Fridays from now and we’re working on some decor tomorrow with the kids.

I feel like my headache is starting to go away… glad I dont have to skip morning gym and hit it tonight when I finish work. Long day ahead, first kid arrives at 8, last kid leaves at 9pm, I wasn’t looking forward to spending the evening on the cardio machines.


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