Dear sweet merciful heavens…


It’s 7 am, I’m about to leave for the gym for some strength training and cardio.

It’s already 38C/100.4F here.

Today is supposed to set records, but I’m more worried about a massive power outage like we had in the summer of 2003. B can’t take heat, MS and heat just don’t mix at all.

So people, those of you who don’t actually need AC pumping and who can go out to a splash park or a pool… please remember to conserve energy for those of us that can’t.

The girls and I are hitting the pool solo all day today, but if we lose power I’ll be driving home to take B to my folks place to enjoy the cool there too.


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  1. Good girl for getting your workout in so early! I remember the big outage…I was newly pregnant and worried about getting some horrible disease from all of the grocery stores and restaurants that wouldn’t want to throw out bad food. (I lived in NYC then.) My a.c. guy told me that it’s better in terms of energy use (if you have central air) to leave the system on and set to a fairly high temperature than to turn it off when you’re not at home and then turn it back on when it’s sweltering. It has to remove the humidity before the temp can go down. So I have ours set on 82, and will turn them down to about 76 later in the afternoon. (Wow, that was boring! But I just had to share.)

    • With Bill’s MS even 82 is too high. We sit at a solid 20C/68F in the summer, it’s the only way he can funtion.

      The good news is we use a lot less natural gas in the winter than most people

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