Without intentionally doing so

without even considering the risks of doing so…


I made a tremendous mistake today.

Well, truthfully I made many mistakes today.

First, I skipped my post work out protein boost (hand full of almonds, 1 boiled egg yolk)

Second, I had a diet pepsi that has been sitting for days in our refrigerator calling my name.

Now, for my biggest, excuse laden mistake.

It’s hot here, 44C/111F.

I decided to order pizza for the munchkins and swore I would have only one slice along with salad.

First. There is NOTHING in that pizza, save for the mushrooms, that I am allowed to have.

Second. One slice. Who the frig did I think I was kidding.

I ate 6 slices of a medium cheese pizza with light sauce, mushrooms and *cringe* bacon.

I feel gross.

I might be sweating grease directly from my pores. I fell swollen and crampy and bloated and yeah. Gross.

No solid food shall pass through these lips tomorrow. Green smoothies all day, no excuses.

I feel really ill.




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