staying on track


So, I’m sporting a brand new piece of jewelry.

nothing exciting, a stretchy plastic band bracelet that reads ‘Bride’

yup, right there on my wrist

a daily reminder to stay focused… at least until the wedding

beyond that i’ll figure something else out

my 199lb ‘reward’ is a tattoo on my inner wrist, simple, small, pale brown so only i notice it on the daily basis

hopefully that mark will be hit before October

the cardio this morning, oh the cardio

i’m leaving for the gym momentarily, needing a good ass kicking but that will have to wait for PT tomorrow morning, today it’s cardio for as long as I can handle


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  1. Like the reward that you have now. That bracelet will help keep you focused. You have a load on you. I read your court overview, too. It must feel good to post about all the other things that are going on in your life. You already are a great role model for your children. My thoughts are with you even though I do not know you. Stay strong.

  2. Great concept punishment through exercise. LOL. This week I need to beat my self down.
    Love is the cure to so much in life. It is a soul thang. To have found that one can accomplish so many other things. It is a happy time. You go Bride girl!

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