court went


as it tends to do

we adjourned until Oct 7

waiting for children’s lawyer to get involved

explained why this whole mess is scary for kids

judge thinks ‘6 year gap, how do you close that’ and ‘this is ridiculous, waste of time’ and ‘don’t care what OCL thinks, the courts job is to make judgments based on well being of children, meeting with dad scares them, therefore, not in best interest of kids’

the lawyer looked angry that I spoke about the last official ‘access’ in May of 2005 when the ex showed up at oldest H’s birthday party, made a scene, became aggressive and threatening and had to be asked to leave… I don’t care.

as long as I tell the truth I feel confident that the court needs to hear it, regardless of how the lawyer or the ex feel

i still have no representation.

i’m clearly surviving without it. i’m not losing sleep over it yet.

i hate when court appoint duty council assists and automatically assumes the because you don’t have a lawyer yet, you must be stupid.

they usually stop assuming that and attitudes towards me from duty council change quickly when I speak my mind intelligently.

i’m smart. i just am and that’s how it goes. i’m not ashamed of it and it’s helped me out in life so far. my grades were in the high 90s for a reason and that reason sure as hell wasn’t studying.

anyway. nothing changes, girls still don’t have to meet biodad/the ex. waiting for formal appointment of lawyer for them

wondering why ex is pressing forward despite many statements from the court that this is a waste of time

clearly the ex doesn’t get that even the interviews with the lawyers and clinical investigators could be damaging.

i guess at the end of the day, that’s what the ex is about.

no concern for other, pressing ahead to fulfill own needs despite hurting others

nothing changed except the wardrobe and the name.

other thing i’m waiting for didn’t arrive. not the end of the world, will likely show Monday

can’t wait.


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  1. I wish it was the same thing here… my sister took in a foster child from a really damaged family, and her parents do hae the right to see the girl every few months… my sister keeps telling how, following each visit, the girl is all messed up and crying and refuses to come near my brother-in-law… well, but that’s the rules in Germany. Unless the biological parents mess up even bigger time, there is not much that can be done… *sigh*

    • Sadly that is often how it goes here. The reality is pretty bad, there are things underneath it all that I don’t discuss on my blog because it’s simply too personal.

      I’m glad that little girl has two patient and caring parents to help pick up the pieces when the biological ones break her down. I imagine that as she gets older it will be less devastating for her, but still… sad that this is how the system works.

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