and so I pushed…


I pushed hard yesterday.

Everything is a little stiff this morning, nothing tragic, but I’m definitely feeling the proverbial burn.

Not getting on the scale today, feeling just stiff and kind of heavy. Does that make any sense? Feeling heavier the morning after an intense workout?

I slept in the morning, missed cardio.

Have kids all day today, so cardio will have to wait until 4:30, then I’ll hit the gym for at least 60 minutes on the crosstrainer or treadmill.

PT session again in the a.m.

Waking up starving, I guess that’s a good sign? Making myself a smoothie in about 20 minutes, not sure what’s going in it yet, but Women’s Health had some pretty awesome recipes in it that I hadn’t considered before. Seriously, cherries… why didn’t I think of those sooner?



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  1. Sometimes after a hard workout, the muscle fibers will retain some water, which would actually make you a little heavier for a short amount of time. But it’s more likely you’re just “feeling it”… oh, and cherries have been proven to reduce muscle pain after workouts. ^^

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