getting kinda hectic


I’m smack in the middle of a lot of ‘stuff to do’

On top of hitting the strength training and cardio with the personal trainer, and cardio and on 3 days when I don’t meet with her, I am writing down every morsel of food that enters my lips. I’m making wedding favours, creating wedding weekend schedule, dealing with custody filings with the ex, sorting out passports, looking for my birth certificate (eek! where is it!), working full time, creating budgets, plans, maps for our travel, parenting, social time, kniting one more shawl and… and… and… I know I’m forgetting something.

I need help with something, dear readers. I need to find a good, online liquor calculator for the wedding. I need to know what people normally drink. B and I just aren’t drinkers. I have the occasional martini and B prefers a glass of scotch now and again. With MS, drinking just isn’t a great plan and I’m not a big fan of not being in control of myself and my body… Tell me, what do people drink at weddings? I’ve got the wine figured out already, but beyond the wine, what do we do?

Beyond that, things are actually low stress. Minor glitch this week miscommunication with the rentals place resulted in us finding out *yesterday* that we….




For real. We have 20 tables and 143 guests and not one chair in the joint. I called around yesterday morning, not easy given that it’s Canada Day and found one place an hour away that has the chairs but can’t deliver them! Talked to my dad and worst case scenario, if I can’t find someone closer, we and I will rent a trailer and drive down there to pick them up. Hoping the heck I can find somewhere closer, we’re really trying to eliminate the ‘week before’ list so that we can relax. I don’t sleep well under stress, so the less there is to do the better.

I’ve had a fairly successful week with eat, though I haven’t gone down at all. My period has decided that fashionably late is the way to go and Dr. W noticed last weekend that I am really puffy, lots of water weight so she’s added something to my regime to help with that, will let you know how it goes!

I have 3 weeks until I try on the dress. July 23, I need to push through the next 3 weeks and get as far as possible. Starting to worry a little that it won’t fit properly, but I can’t stress. If I get in there and the dress doesn’t fit (which it will) then I buy a different dress, it’s not the end of the world.

A lot of questions about how things are coming along and how am I and are we stressed. I’ll be honest, I’m stressed out of my tree.

But not really. Moments of *arg* are quickly soothed, things will go as they go and what ever happens, B and I will be married and that’s what matters.

The wedding is just a (well planned, fabulous, party of a) day.



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  1. Wedding planning is stressful, but its a good stressful.
    As far as alcohol. Its your wedding!!! Your day!! Theres no rule that you have to have any alcohol!!!
    Cant wait to see pics of the dress!!!

    • we’re definitely going to host a bar, just not sure if people still drink things like kauluha and cream….

      I’m known to have the occasion martini night with the girls, but yeah… not much of a drinker, I just fail to see the appeal of it in most social settings!

  2. For a moment I wondered about my own birth certificate… “Hmm, was I born?” Gosh, it’s way before coffee!!!

    I’d say it’s up to you to decide what people drink at your wedding. My older sister, who had a medieval theme for her celebration, only served drinks that were known centuries ago – fruit juices, mead, wine, beer. At first, our mother was concerned people would miss the usual coke and stuff, but everyone was happy! I think the drink is not that important, as long as everybody enjoys themselves.

    (I had to think about my younger sister’s wedding… guess they mostly served beer and wine, but it was at a restaurant…)

    • we have wine for the dinner, beer is a given.

      we’re thinking scotch, rye, vodka… but that’s where I run out of ideas – ha ha!

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