Here’s what is working


I made it to meet with the personal trainer this morning. After a series of miscommunications regarding Monday (none of them on my part, I was clear about what I needed) I met up with the group this morning.

Either I didn’t push myself hard enough, or I’m in better shape than I thought. Either way, I need to push harder tomorrow.

Cleanse is…. going. Not all the way there yet, there’s a major shopping trip in my future (i.e. tonight) so that I can pick up some whole grains, beans, lentils, etc to replace the meat based proteins in my current diet.

My house…. arg. I’ve decided that between now and the wedding I am tackling one room per week. This includes (but is not limited to) cleaning out cupboards, thinking long and hard about the use of any particular item in the room and downsizing more of our stuff.  We’re typically tidy, but definitely cluttered.

Wedding… everything on my ‘to by June 30’ is now ta-dun. Starting July list a little early, but that’s okay, there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done in July. Most of that stuff involves gluing, sewing and cutting. We are very DIY friendly in this house, rather spend our time than our money.



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