this week


I have had a lot of running around

met with the wonderful Dr. W to work out my cleanse plan for the next while

worked out days 1-3 on paper

tracked 95% of my eating

ate a mars bar. damn that was tasty…. but it won’t be happening again

was harshly reminded why chinese food is a bad plan, even if it is in moderation. ew.

scored a lot of wedding decor because i made a trip out to the venue on thursday, bride and groom prepping for a wedding yesterday have very similar tastes to ours and offered up some of their stuff

reminded how pants that are too tight feel… bought pants one size smaller and i’m not quite there yet

drank my water

started my de-coffeeing cold turkey. why yes, that is my eye twitching, why do you ask

promised myself i would blog more next week now that all of the invites are in the hands of their intended recipients or ready to be delivered tomorrow.



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  1. Kudos to buying smaller pants! You will fit in them before you know it. Good going with giving up coffee also, I know a lot of people say it’s not bad for the diet but then why drink it right?? LOL, I say that only cause I don’t really enjoy it… if I did I’m sure I’d feel differently:-)

  2. Sounds like you are handling the stress with the ex pretty well. I am glad your new guy is supporting you. I am sure that makes it easier to do what’s best for yourself as well as your children. Being in control of yourself will help you in other areas as well.

  3. It’s always fun to buy clothes and keep them hung in a common area so that it is a constant reminder of part of what you’re working for. Good luck this week!

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