What it really means


this I have heard in the last 6 months

when they say:

her calves are too fat for shorts

look at those love handles

ugh, seriously? think we’re pulling that off?

nice hair freako

i’m so glad she’s pregnant cuz now she’s getting fat, ha ha ha

wow, baby weight still hanging around that midsection

wtf, tube top… really?

i hate my legs

i hate my body

i hate that i can’t lose more weight

i hate her, skinny bitch

nice tits, wait till she pops out a few then that will fall away


they mean

I find something in him/her that reminds me of what I hate about myself and the only way I can feel good about that is by knocking him/her down.


Somewhere along the way in the last week I have stopped caring how I look for other people and started caring about what I have got right now, what I’m working for.

I’ve stopped looking at my thighs and wondering what *other* people will think if I wear a certain pair of pants. I’ve stopped jigging my upper arm and thinking about snarky comments other might make about them and started thinking about how I can tone them up to feel physically better.

I’ve thought more and more about the opinion of myself that I project to and on other people. I have no place to judge. No one has any place to judge me.

We all have our success. We all have our failures.

Maybe it’s time to stop pointing fingers to nit pick at flaws.

Maybe it’s time to start loving ourselves more, and abuse less.


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  1. I tend to pick myself apart alot. Especially my legs. I have so many scars and a slightly disfigured calf from a 3-wheeling accident. Plus, my thighs are just the most huge part of me. I do not wear shorts in public that go above my knees and seldom wear ones that show my scars. I shouldn’t worry so much, but people are so darn RUDE!

    Here is to a great new week!

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