feeling like i need to binge, like nothing can fill in this craving (not hungry) for food

drinking a lot of water in response to ‘need’

long bike ride with MoH last night, uphill half of the time, one stop midway to do some core workout

eating on track, looking forward to doing my 10-day fresh fruit/veggies/vegan protein clean on the 27th, definitely needed to get past this funk. toss aside the last of winter.

getting the last of the invites in the mail (and praying they make it to their destination), worked out the shuttle service to and from the hotel for guests of the wedding… no risk of someone enjoying a little too much wine and driving under the influence

heading out to see my grandmother saturday, have to bring my scanner and a laptop to go through old photos and put them on to her digital picture frame for her

girls just keep getting taller, lots of realizations this week about having a nine year old, lots of talk with MoH (who’s daughter is 2 months younger than oldest H, they’ve been friends since birth – literally – H was there the day she was born) about how to deal with teenage dream teen drama… thankfully we’ll be in that parenting boat together

tired this morning, but I’m down to one daycare kid during the day which means I can get plenty off of my checklist before summer starts, more kids then, will be busy every day


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