wedding related weekend



there was a lot of wedding items crossed off our to do list this weekend

  • purchased dresses for all three little girls (including Miss D and Oldest H), shoes and gloves… for less than $120 taxes in. yay for sales at the end of first communion season!
  • invites for B’s side of the family where all handed out personally
  • B and his brother and father have date set to go get a new suit for B
  • bridesmaid J and I talked wedding jewelry
  • B’s mom and I have a plan of attack for the rehearsal dinner
  • plan for the day before is starting to come together nicely
  • plan made for court in case the ex tries some funny business there while we’re on our honeymoon (i.e. emergency motions in the middle of the trip)
  • made list of ‘to purchase’ for the bar at the wedding (yes, we are doing the traditional host bar!)
  • made appointment to talk to someone about wine for dinner
  • sorted out wedding attendance issue with oldest friend so she can still be with us to celebrate but be part of another wedding that day (so simple, she’s coming to the rehearsal!)
  • printed out ceremony inspiration to start piecing it all together before we meet with officiant in a month.

89 days to go… yeesh

did not hit the gym this morning, will go for nice long bike ride today though, weather is cool enough to enjoy the outside today


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