you have to laugh… or you just might cry


little stressed this morning, court day

we’ve both signed consent to allow more time for Ontario Children’s Lawyer to consider their involvement. today, it’s likely everything will just be held over to July 8.

so yes, i’m still a little stressed.

i had to laugh this morning at how cruel the little things seem.

i have my outfit all ready to wear today, the cotton top still shows the after math of uneven weight loss in my stomach, lumpy ick that i normally flatten with a shaper when i wear tighter clothing right now.

feeling good about how i’m set to look, tried the outfit on a few weeks ago to make sure it fit again (was too small before) and it did.

this morning i go to put on the shaper (that hasn’t been worn since Easter) and behold







my mom is bringing an emergency button up sweater that I can put on over the cotton shirt so the lumpiness isn’t seen by the judge (who wouldn’t care, but it goes to the overall big picture)

and really… how would it look if my exhusband showed up looking prettier than me? yeesh!

speaking of!  so… interesting conversation with an old friend a few nights back ended in finding out some interesting things. i was informed that when running into my ex (friend didn’t know ex was bi or transgender or that we were divorced for that matter) at pride last year. of course, friend asked about me. friend was told that i won’t let ex see kids because ex is transgender.

now, friend could be full of crap, could have assumed, could have heard wrong. i feel the need to make a point that has been stated by many of my friends in the last few months.

you can become a woman… and still be an abusive jack ass.

you can become a woman… and still have anger management issues.

you can become a woman… and still be a threat to the lives of your children.

just because you’re physically changing, it doesn’t change what you did or are capable of doing.

anyway. i’m off. poor Miss H is bandaged like crazy, we were supposed to get more xrays last night to confirm the fracture but she was asleep by the time I got in from dropping off day care kids so we’ll be doing that tonight. right now i have to do my hair and make up and get out the door.



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  1. Hi there…been reading your blog for a few months now and I have to give you props for putting your life out there. I am so proud of you for everything you have done. I never realized your ex was transgendered and wow–I am even more proud of you now for really making that change and I barely know you.

  2. I didn’t realize that about your ex either. Wow, I don’t envy what you and the kids are going through.

    Even though it’s annoying, YEA on the shaper being too tight! You’re changing and losing so THAT is good! It will just cost more money for new stuff! Oh, the price we pay…

  3. Congrats on your shaper being too big! lol, I know it makes the outfit you were planning on wearing a little more difficult, but what a great progress marker 🙂

    I hope everything goes well.

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