busy summer days


still no laptop. we’ve decided to wait until after the wedding to buy a new computer for me, too many expenses relating to legal nonsense and wedding fun to worry about a computer.

biked for the first time in I can’t even tell you how long… 10k out of the starting gates with no pain the next day, we have a nice level trail not far from here that worked nicely.

93 days until the wedding, invites are going out (finally) this weekend, hand delivery care of the Canada Post nonsense.

court tomorrow, but because of circumstances I can’t discuss here the date is simply being adjourned to July 8. glad about that, a certain government agency needs to decide on whether or not it’s going to get involved. I will say it’s not a bad thing for me, so I’m glad we’re getting more time to deal with it.

off to farmer’s market today

niagara falls this weekend, B staying behind but I’m going to spend time with his mom and sister in law delivering invites, updating registry, talking bridal shower stuff.

4am thunder and lightening here made sleep damn near impossible with frightened children

Miss H had a rough day yesterday. First, fractured her foot when she was helping someone at the playground (yikes) and then, while getting a freezie out of the garage freezer she pinched her finger in the heavy metal door. Pretty sure she’s going to lose that nail. Injuries are weird for her, she’s never been particularly clumsy. Quite the opposite!

Thinking about starting a new summer homeschooling project with the kids, more on that later.

Starting my fresh produce detox with Dr. W shortly, giving up refined grains will be…. interesting?



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