and that’s how it’s done



Yesterday was intense. Gym work out, I mean.

10 minutes of cardio

30 minutes of resistance/strength training

80 minutes of cardio

I definitely pushed myself through some limits, my right arm felt a little weaker last night from muscle ache but feeling great now.

Came home after 2 hours at the gym expecting a nice shower in my own home (I don’t like to shower at the gym on weekends, too crowded)… but the power had been out for over an hour!  Had to sponge bath it. Mom showed up and took us all out for sushi, ick, before the shower. Had one as soon as I got home. Felt much better.

I woke up starving this morning, that’s a good sign.

Hard boiling and egg and making a breakfast smoothie right now.

Back to the gym this morning for a bunch of cardio, loving that slice has shows I like on it while I’m working out. Sometimes the music can be a little monotonous.

Plan of attack today 60 minutes of cardio this morning, then out to the barn with the kids, Oldest H gets to ride her old boy today for the first time since his injury. She is very excited, missed Titan like crazy. Get to see the 2oolb baby again, wonder how much she’s changed in 2 weeks.

Miss D is begging for bangs, has a large freckle/mole/beauty mark on her forehead, now old enough to start feeling self conscious about her image :o(  Just getting her bangs and keep telling her she’s beautiful and smart, hoping to help that along. No reason to make her suffer over this.  Taking her to see the family doc next week, make sure there’s nothing to that mole. With so many cases of skin cancer in our family, better safe that sorry.

Wedding plans chugging along nicely, still have 1.5 inches to go on the hips, so I’m going to step up the cardio a little. I bought a bike, so hoping to get out a few nights a week for a trek on that, possibly with MoH Mel, maybe kids if it’s early enough.

Keeping motivated with the friends over at Debbie Does Dieting, loving the idea of positive support and motivation. Get some of that in real life too, makes a difference.


Overall goals in next 4 weeks

  1. 10 lbs (or bust!)
  2. 1 inch off hips
  3. cardio 6 days a week
  4. circut 2-3 days a week
  5. bump water intake because baby, it’s hot out there
  6. go for dress try on at end of 4 weeks, schedule first fitting

goals for 12 weeks

  1. 5k run in August
  2. 25 lbs (or more!)
  3. cardio 6 days a week
  4. tone upper arms, chest, upper back
  5. Dr. W cleanse end of June, stick to it
  6. increase veg intake by 2 servings a day
  7. eliminate refined grains entirely (wheat is not my friend!)



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  1. Following your link from Debbi’s Slimmer this Summer post. Looks like you’ve got some great goals layed out! I look forward to getting to knwo you this summer and celebrating our success!

  2. As much as I looooooove wheat toast and pasta, yeah, it’s not my friend, either.

    Your goals and regimen are intensive, girl! I will cheer you on, but make sure to get plenty of rest, too. Does a muscle-building body good.

    Happy Sunday

  3. Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen! I am doing the Summer Slim Down Challenge also and saw your blog posted on Debbi does dieting. I wanted to drop by and say hi. I am your newest follower! Good luck with week one!! I would love to have you drop by

  4. I found your link through the challenge. I am looking forward to making lots of new online friends! Looks like you have come a long way already! Great work!

  5. That is one impressive workout, girl! Good luck…particularly with the inch off your hips goal. (No better place to lose it–at least for me.)

  6. Hey, there! I’m coming over from Debbi’s blog! So nice to “meet” you! I’ll be participating in the Slimmer This Summer challenge! I’ve got a lot to lose. Although, I’m a bit nervous about taking part in a challenge, I know that I’ll find the inspiration and support I need among new friends! I look forward to reading about your progress throughout the Slimmer This Summer challenge!

    By the way, I have to say, GREAT workout! Sorry you didn’t get your shower right away!
    Under the Big Oak Tree

  7. You have wonderful goals! Your workouts are making me exhausted just reading them! LOL! Seriously though, we will meet our goals by the end of this challenge!

  8. Oooh, a wedding! How exciting! And motivating! Your workout schedule sounds amazing- good for you! I’ve just started adding some running to my walking and, wow, it’s quite different.

    I’ve joined Debbie’s summer challenge- hoping that the encouragement and helpful hints will be one of the keys to all our successes!

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