Went to take the new bike ride for a test this morning… realized I forgot to pump up the tires. They were flat from storage.

Going to see if MoH Mel wants to hit the ride tonight at 8 instead with me… we’ll see how it goes. If not, solo mission tomorrow morning.

Wedding invites are coming along nicely, so many to do!

Court next Friday, possibly, hoping to agree with ex about adjourning to a settlement conference instead. Seems that’s the direction we’re headed in so I see no reason to waste our time with next Friday. Guess we’ll see.

Picking up labels for cds in the invites today or tomorrow, have to get hair cut this morning and hit dollar stores tonight for some supplies for cake stands.

Busy day all around, finally losing the rain that’s plagued us for the past few weeks… only to slam into a heat wave! Yeesh!

Will post pictures later today of invitation stuff, making our own has taken some time, but I’m glad we did it… or I will be when they’re all finally finished.


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