struggles and victories


still without my own laptop, debating on getting desktop since we homeschool and it might be easier to have one of each

getting through the invite construction, taking a little time because I’m scrapbooking them myself with a little help from friends

eating well, looking forward to dinner out with friends on Wednesday night

still not getting to the gym as much as I’d like, I have early morning kids again so I’m back to a 5 am routine. Thankfully it’s summer hours for all extra curricular activities so my evenings are much easier, I can get to bed much earlier than before

Miss D was in a production of ‘Children’s Letters to God’ and she was outstanding. There was some miscommunication between my sister and I about the availability of DVDs after the performance so I didn’t bring my own recorder. Caught some on my cell but not great quality. Glad I had Sunday tickets (sister and mother had Saturday tickets)

Starting my ‘finally local produce’ cleanse of the year shortly, waiting to see Dr. W, looking forward to 3 weeks of clean eating

frustrated with something here re: legal mumbo jumbo, hoping it will resolve ASAP

weekend was long, had a ridiculously difficult time getting to B’s nieces 1st birthday party on Sunday. 2 hour drive to 5 hours. Yeesh.

B and I were figuring out where to register for wedding/showers… he suggested ‘that little import place you like so much’

for the record… he means IKEA


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