truth truth and more truth



My summer pjs (nighties with strap shoulders) are all, as expected, too big. Each morning B gets a bit of a show because the straps knots I tied the night before have loosened up.

I get to shop next week

I love the new jeans (yes, still just one pair) and I’ve had a lot of compliments on them

I’m getting a little annoyed by people asking me (in front of others) how the heck I’m losing weight and going on about how I look so different. It’s one thing to have this conversation in private or quietly, it’s another to say it loudly and in front of my kids.

I don’t talk about diet and weight loss in front of my kids.

I do talk about struggling with being an unhealthy size and that over eating and eating the wrong foods have hurt my body and I have to work hard to change it.

I still have no laptop of my own.

I’m okay with that since I’ve been making the invites for the wedding all week and too busy to be online much.

I am going to a clothing giveaway today to see if I can find some clothes that will fit me because I am too cheap to buy a lot of things while I am still losing.

I had some work related news that was a much-needed relief in a very stressful situation.

No, I can’t explain what it was.

We have 105 days until the wedding.

Why yes, I am excited… thank you for asking.


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  1. I just pulled some clothes that were given to me out of the closet and scored. I fit into them now even only with 25 lbs lost.
    Heck yeah, who wants to invest in wardrobe when you have that determination to get to losing. I am so gung ho. A lot of my strength comes from hooking up with all the diet bloggers. I like being a part of this mass loss of poundage going on in the Virtual World and of course the Real World.
    It is so cool you have a wedding waiting to happen. You need to document this on video, too. It is a heartfelt story many can relate to and you have a happy ending waiting. Uh sort of like a chubby Cinderella. (hope that does not offend)
    Keep up the great work!

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