I must confess


So… I wasn’t sure how to say this here.

I haven’t eaten since Tuesday night.

There, I said it.

I felt a little silly talking about tooth trouble again, I swear I brush regularly. Though that wasn’t true as a small child.  Parents, make sure your kids brush and floss… seriously.

I was enjoying a french fry an apple and something in my mouth felt funny. Along the row of molars on the top left side of my mouth I have 2 fillings. I got them when I was 9 in my permanent molars. When I was dealing with the cracked root canal a few weeks ago my dentist said they looked like they were still in good shape, but because they were almost 24 years old I should expect them to be replaced soon. Especially since B and I are thinking baby in the nearish future. The average amalgma filling lasts 12-15 years. I’ve had mine for 24… hat’s off to Dr. Park for doing such a kick ass job the first time around. I felt a little silly talking about tooth trouble again, I swear I brush regularly.

Removing an old amalgam filling carries some mercury inhalation risk and I wouldn’t want to deal with that while pregnant.

There was humming and hawing a few weeks ago about how to proceed. Apparently the fillings heard all the discussion and, feeling unwelcome, decided they wanted to leave the safe nest of my teeth.

Unless the filling physically falls out, my dentist can’t get me in until Tuesday morning. I can’t chew until Tuesday morning. Can’t chew anything… believe me, I tried a small chunk of banana on Tuesday night and I could feel movement. So, no food for me.

I don’t do well without food. I get cranky. I need to chew something… but no, I’m back to living on tepid soup, water, jello and room temperature smoothies. Trying to get in enough calories to keep up with the gym routine is largely made possible by my magic bullet, yoghurt and frozen fruit.

This sucks. I want wild rice, I want celery, I want salad, I want sushi…


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  1. Sorry about the tooth issues. I’m having issue myself but can’t afford a dentist visit right now. I need to check into our insurance. Good luck and take care.

  2. Sucky! I must have gotten lucky. My sister is obsessive about brushing and flossing and she, by far, has had more problems than I have. Good luck. I believe you.

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