the pig that squeals is the one that was bit


something FAB’s mom used to say!

Mine never had awesome sayings other than “let’s go shopping” and “i know a million crafts, let’s do them!”

My grandmother used to say “A degree is never a heavy thing to carry around” so I’m taking that advice and picked up some courses this week so I can go back to University after the wedding.

My grandfather was an idealist and always told me “There is never a summer day that can’t be made better by flying a kite or chasing a butterfly”… he also used to eat a box of KD as a snack, a bit more relaxed than others.

What saying did your family peeps use?

Taking a facebook vacation for a month, need a break from that. wondering how much time i’m going to get back by not logging in each day!

I’ve had email requests from peeps to add me to facebook. I don’t add people I don’t know in real life (outside of a few long time online knitters). I don’t plan to backpedal on that anytime soon, but I’m flattered that you think I’m awesome enough to be friends with!

Strange how many emails I’ve had over the last 2 days! My phone is dinging with enough notifications that B has offered to lose my cell (never going to happen).


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  1. You skipped some of the other phrases I learned from my folks…

    “Lord love a duck!”
    “I ought to write a book about you two!”
    “Horse shit and heifer dust!”
    “You’re full of piss and vinegar today!”

    Hmmn… why is it that all of those were directed at younger me in a tone of extreme annoyance???

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